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"The rest of the Kids Next Door began to bang on his door, "Numbah One!

""Yeah right, you were the one who wanted to go to the mall!

Part One His communicator buzzed as he sat in the booth of a diner. I have a request concerning the meeting of the sectors. " He spat.""So how long did you wait for me, my honey bun? "He sighed in annoyance, "Look Lizzie, I've been thinking about this for a while." She hummed with a smile plastered on her face, "I just don't think it's working out between the two of us anymore.""Wait, what? His heart stung at the sight of her, "Y-yeah."Her head lowered in dismay and sniffed, "What do you mean, Nigel?

So," She cut her statement as a question."So, what?

Would you really want to go see rainbow monkeys again!

" Number One regained their attention, "did you only come here to argue and point your fingers?

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You should've talked it out with her and maybe your relationship could've been what you've always wanted."He sighed, "But Number Five, you don't understand! You're definitely too happy to be yourself again.""Number Five, please," he said assertively. " She yelled as he left, "Just like other girls' hearts you've broken because you can't seem to notice or understand, you big bozo," She muttered as she plopped on their couch as she continued to relax on their break.

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