Most sexiest dating profile

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Most sexiest dating profile

This isn’t just Nookie Betwixt the Rich and Famous. They both came from working-class backgrounds that led to these over-the-top career successes.Plus she finds everything he says funny.” Their jet-set itinerary has included a few unadvertised stops.Sparks flew between Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow at magazine in 2000. I’ll try to embrace this life people think I have.’…And I found myself even more miserable.” In July 2001 he made a move that surprised most pals: He checked himself into Promises rehab center in Malibu for treatment for alcoholism.According to friends, his excess drinking was a problem he wanted to tackle early. “Ben’s really loyal and really honest, really smart, really funny,” says Matt Damon, Affleck’s best buddy since boyhood. “Ben has this nerdy smart-guy side to him,” says Liv Tyler, his love interest in 1998’s “He’s obsessed with the New York Times crossword puzzle. He’s really interested in knowing more about the world.” The die-hard Democrat’s homework shows in his dedication to causes, from stumping for Al Gore across the country to urging Harvard University to raise wages for blue-collar employees. I can’t imagine anyone the world would rather see swoop in and save the day than Ben.” Being a superhero takes more than good looks—and the same goes for being crowned this year’s Sexiest Man Alive. You can’t fake that kind of warmth.” Then there’s plain old brains, that attractive but all too rare accessory to brawn and a 0,000 Bentley. “He’s a hugger,” says Phil Alden Robinson, who directed him in this summer’s “He loves being around people, and consequently he makes them happy.

And—perhaps you’ve heard—husband-to-be to a certain Jennifer Lopez. ” Meanwhile Affleck’s move into the world of commitment marks an important milestone for the never-wed star, who stepped out with the likes of Shoshanna Lonstein and Famke Janssen following the 1999 breakup of his intense romance with Gwyneth Paltrow. “It’s no longer ‘I’m in love, but I’m young,’ it’s ‘I want to make a life now, I’m ready for this.’ ” Before Lopez came on the scene, recalls in April, “What’s going to mean the most to me [is] being a father, being a husband, being a person of whom I can really be proud.” Over the years his charm has attracted plenty of hopefuls.

He met his first serious girlfriend, Cheyenne Rothman, now 30, at summer camp when they were teens; their relationship would continue on and off over the next seven years.

The following fall Affleck headed to the University of Vermont.

“He had an appropriate 7-year-old crush on the 19-year-old girl” who played his big sister, recalls Affleck’s childhood acting coach David Wheeler.

At 9, Ben landed a role in an educational series, ), “he was adept at age 13 or 14 at dealing with adults,” says Gerry Speca, his drama teacher at Cambridge Rindge and Latin public high school. Like the Eddie Haskell syndrome.” Unbeknownst to his mother, Ben sweet-talked bank tellers into letting him withdraw earnings that she was socking away in a college fund.

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In August Affleck took Lopez on a tour of his old haunts in South Boston, including a favorite chicken parmigiana joint and a bar featured in They also recently lunched with Affleck’s father at Ben’s new Beverly Hills home, on the property where Drew Barrymore lived before a house fire last year. “I didn’t see her as a flashy movie star any more than I see my son as a flashy movie star.