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In light of that, the question on everyone’s mind is when is Fallout 5 coming?

It’s important to note however that in a Reddit AMA in November 2016 with Obsidian Entertainment employees including CEO Feargus Urquhart, the team confirmed they were not working on a new Fallout game or sequel.

Battle Cry is recruiting a lot more people than Obsidian Entertainment has recently.

Some of the positions at Battle Cry ask for experience with AAA games, RPG/MMO experience and knowledge of TES or Fallout.

We know voice actor Ryan Alosio who is the voice of Deacon played an in-character ‘prank’ on his Instagram saying he is working on Fallout 5.

Confirmation of Fallout New Orleans trademark as unrelated to Bethesda sparked talks of possible locations for Fallout 5.

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Alright so let’s consider the possibility that it’s not Obsidian Entertainment working on the new Fallout 5, as much as people would love to see that again.