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This isn’t just true for those who hold conservative norms close to heart.Many of the people who have told me I’m noble for being demisexual are avowed feminists who support women’s right to exercise their sexual agency.I truly believe a lot of writers do it subconsciously, but it feeds into that idea that your sexuality is noble.Turkish authorities have banned Danish director Lars Von Trier's controversial movie epic "Nymphomaniac" from theatres for its extensive nudity and no-holds-barred sex scenes.Demisexual folks, including myself, are not capable of experiencing any sexual attraction to anyone with whom we don’t have a deep romantic connection.For example, it took me a while to realize that when my friends talk about how much they’d jump at the chance to have sex with various celebrities, they aren’t just joking around.

I identify as demisexual, which is a point on the asexuality spectrum.In the TV series, it takes many seasons before one guy, Principal Wood no less, begins to persuade her to consider him as more a "date" than a screw. Long may he and his fellow writers and artists prosper. Lana at Go Deeper Buffy also has sex with Spike for all of season 6, and she never falls in love with him.She will look for him for support and friendship in season 7 too, but the sex they had in season 6 was HIM being in love with her, and HER using him. I've always felt like a freak because of my sexuality, but you've just given me a name for it and more comfort than I can ever describe. I don't know if this comment will ever reach you, but I am so glad your writing did reach me, even years later. Female promiscuity is often punished in mainstream movies.It’s a hard standard to notice simply because it’s so pervasive—we take it as the norm without blinking.But this norm becomes rather troubling when you consider how far away the average person’s sexual behavior actually is from this model.

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I don’t mind being demi, but I hate people I’m demi.