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Ufo dating sites

Some top UFO experts believe this is the kind of compelling evidence that should get the US government's attention.Willis, a dedicated videographer, has taped several inexplicable UFOs over Phoenix - a city that many experts claim has the most UFO activity of any American city.It appeared to be a mysterious device displaying some unknown propulsion system.

ends on a cliff hanger regarding the role of the Gods and current secret space programs.It is expected that future volumes will describe different ways in which the Gods have helped foment geo-political conflict between major world powers such as the U. and Russia – the modern equivalents of Ancient Greece and Troy.This is likely to involve the recovery of highly advanced non-human spacecraft at various crash retrieval sites, which De Longe attributes to the Gods.Consequently, it is not extraterrestrials behind many UFO incidents such as abductions and nuclear weapons deactivation, but Russian secret spacecraft according to what De Longe was told by his advisory team.Once again, there is a dramatic difference here with what Tompkins and Goode have to say about extraterrestrials and secret space programs.

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Eight battle groups were eventually constructed, and these rotate with four in service at any time, while the other four undergo maintenance – similar to the scheduling of aircraft carriers. Air Force and other groups: There were more than 8 of the “Cigar” shaped carrier class and other class of vessels of various sizes and classifications.

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  1. Despite being largely ignored by audiences in favour of established American actors such as Burt Reynolds, Chan was impressed by the outtakes shown at the closing credits, inspiring him to include the same device in his future films.