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Validating rail tickets in italy

Waiting has a major benefit: If you buy a ticket online, you then have to be on that exact same train — if you’re late or miss it, you have to change your reservation online.

That can be a hassle, so if you can’t be quite sure when you’ll make the train, sometimes it’s best to wait.

Similarly, instead of “Naples,” it’ll often say “Na C.le,” short for “Napoli Centrale.”Sometimes, you might notice that one train station name at the top will be black, followed by a number of others in red.(Small, local trains, like the Circumvesuviana that goes from Naples to Sorrento and Pompeii, aren’t included, but you don’t need them for most major destinations).At the website, click the button that says “English” at the top.And, very occasionally, particularly popular trains might even be sold out completely.So if you really want to take advantage of a discounted fare, or if you’re on a tight schedule, it might be worth booking online — or buying your ticket at the train station a couple of days in advance.

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That said, if you book in advance, you can change your ticket if you miss the train.

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