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Perhaps a reader will have further information if Mullin Garr is interested in an interview. I don t know what you re looking for so if you can find it and email it that would be great.

This could explain the norman influence of naming a child/grandchild Bartholemeu/Bartholemew.

She also Instagrammed a pic of her at the Borghese Gardens in Italy – check it out!

He had retired from the Fisher Body Works in Flint, Mich. Earlier in her life, Louise worked many years as a painter and jewelry maker. She moved with her family to Eureka Springs in 1958.

In other news: Anderson Cooper has Tweeted out a response to the unsettling news about Lara Logan and her attack at the hands of Egyptian protesters.

The CNN anchor, who left the country soon after he and his crew were also assaulted while covering that nation's recent uprising, simply wrote: "Sickened and saddened by the attack on Lara Logan.

CBS News' Lara Logan has been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after the horrific sexual assault she survived at the hands of a mob in Cairo, Egypt.The union of John and Mary Boynton brought Frank and Alice Boynton, both born in England..com Sheila - My resources also were unsuccessful in finding a link.My Boynton book indicates that he lived in New York and was President of the American Boynton Association in 1893.Do you have any information that can help me find Zerah parents.

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I would think that somehow they had to be related, but defininately can t say who is logan bartholomew dating.